Colliflower Lifetime Zero-Clearance for SawStop

Colliflower Lifetime Zero-Clearance for SawStop
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Colliflower Lifetime Zero-Clearance for SawStop

by Colliflower

  • Red Anodized 6061 Aluminum for Non-Conductivity
  • New Anti-Pinch Insert System Compatible with All Riving Knives
  • Ships with Two Replaceable, Melamine-Coated Wood Inserts
  • Unique Back-Lock, T-Slot Lockdown
  • For Use with All Single and Dado Settings
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  1. Brand: Colliflower
  2. Dimensions: 15.92 x 4.53 x 0.57 inches
  3. Item ID: upc:639737277036
  4. Item ID: ean:0639737277036
This zero-clearance throat plate for all SawStops completes a superior saw. No more buying phenolic (plastic) plates over and over as the zero-clearance fades away. This plate incorporates the superior WoodDynamics 0.25" dovetailed slot for replaceable wood inserts, which allows perpetual zero-clearance (and safety) for a fraction of the cost. Two wood inserts ship with the plate--one specifically designed for use with the standard riving knife and the other designed for the blade guard/dust collection (BGDC) riving knives. Both are easy to replicate. The BGDC insert features a unique anti-pinch system which allows a steady, no-pinch open back. The Colli-Beck plate is equipped with a unique back-lock, T-slot feature which locks onto the saws back height-adjustment set screws. This Colli-Beck plate is made of 0.565" anodized aluminum for extra durability and strength. The finger hole provides quicker in/out access than the front-lock handle. All clearances at all depths and tilts. Two side diagonally-placed set screws snug in both X and Y direction for the tightest fit. Tested and proven not to trip safety mechanism. See the CAD drawing in the picture section for complete, close-up details.
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Colli-Beck SawStop Throat Plate, October 6, 2012
Ron Huisinga (Phoenix, AZ United States)
Has a very nice fit finish, easy to adjust for proper table height also replace inserts as necessary. Essentially no difference in functionally of the original SS throat plate, Other than saving $$ on a new throat plates, with this it's mere cents to replace an insert in the Colli-Beck plate. In fact I find myself switching out inserts more often to support the different width blades used frequently in my shop. It's another tool to help minimize back side tear out at minimum expense and effort ! Just an FYI, Been using mine now for several weeks and not a single false trip or warning lights has occured.


Think before you buy it, April 11, 2014
Timothy M. Moore "Tim"
As I was raising the blade up through the insert the safety triggered and the saw stopped. This unit that was suppose to save me the expense of buying multiple blade inserts cost an additional $70 for a new cartridge. I would have been much better off buying five standard inserts with more solid construction and designed for the purpose.

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