Colliflower Lifetime Zero-Clearance for SawStop

Colliflower Lifetime Zero-Clearance for SawStop
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Colliflower Lifetime Zero-Clearance for SawStop

by Colliflower
  • Red Anodized 6061 Aluminum for Non-Conductivity
  • New Anti-Pinch Insert System Compatible with All Riving Knives
  • Ships with Two Replaceable, Melamine-Coated Wood Inserts
  • Unique Back-Lock, T-Slot Lockdown
  • For Use with All Single and Dado Settings
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  1. Brand: Colliflower
  2. Dimensions: 15.92 x 4.53 x 0.57 inches
  3. Item ID: upc:639737277036
  4. Item ID: ean:0639737277036
This zero-clearance throat plate for all SawStops completes a superior saw. No more buying phenolic (plastic) plates over and over as the zero-clearance fades away. This plate incorporates the superior WoodDynamics 0.25" dovetailed slot for replaceable wood inserts, which allows perpetual zero-clearance (and safety) for a fraction of the cost. Two wood inserts ship with the plate--one specifically designed for use with the standard riving knife and the other designed for the blade guard/dust collection (BGDC) riving knives. Both are easy to replicate. The BGDC insert features a unique anti-pinch system which allows a steady, no-pinch open back. The Colli-Beck plate is equipped with a unique back-lock, T-slot feature which locks onto the saws back height-adjustment set screws. This Colli-Beck plate is made of 0.565" anodized aluminum for extra durability and strength. The finger hole provides quicker in/out access than the front-lock handle. All clearances at all depths and tilts. Two side diagonally-placed set screws snug in both X and Y direction for the tightest fit. Tested and proven not to trip safety mechanism. See the CAD drawing in the picture section for complete, close-up details.
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