DELTA TS200 Shopmaster 10-Inch Portable Bench Saw

DELTA TS200 Shopmaster 10-Inch Bench Saw

DELTA TS200 Shopmaster 10-Inch Portable Bench Saw

by Delta

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    1. Dimensions: 27 x 18 x 12 inches
    2. Shipping Weight: 43 pounds
    3. Item ID: upc:069554002045
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    This benchtop saw from Deltas Shopmaster line offers accuracy and reliability in an easily portable package. It has a 13 amp, 120-volt motor for plowing through cuts and features a 17-1/4-by-26-inch table that allows for a 9-7/8-inch maximum rip to the right of the blade. Theres a self-aligning rip fence that locks in parallel to the blade and a T-slot groove in the table so you can use a standard miter gauge for crosscutting. It also has a see-through blade guard with an integral splitter and antikickback fingers, and a toggle-style on/off switch. While this is a great saw for do-it-yourselfers working on smaller projects, people needing more rip capacity and a more powerful motor will want to consider a step up to Deltas TS220 Shopmaster saw. --Brian Trinen
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    You get what you pay for, November 14, 2005
    Edward J. Bohls (Washington DC)
    Update 6/21/2006 - I traded up to the Ryobi.

    Original review from 2005:

    Getting what you pay for works both ways, though. This saw is cheap, and for the money you get a cheap saw. You'll get a lot better saw for more money, but then you'll be paying a lot more for that better saw, won't you?

    I've gone back and forth over owning this thing, sometimes thrilled to be using it and sometimes cursing its very existence. Ultimately I think I've made my peace with it.

    On the plus side, its tablesaw-ness makes it a joy to use for many applications, things that would be impossible or dangerous or just plain annoying with the circular saw. Just set the fence and rip boards to the exact same width all day, or set a stop block and cross cut. To me, a machine, compared to a hand tool, isn't faster or safer or better if you're cutting just one piece, but it should enable you to repeat the cut exactly.

    One the minus side, you absolutely must.

    Great for the beginner weekend warrior!, March 17, 2003
    Dean (San DIego)
    Great entry level 1st timer table saw. Good for occasional weekend warrior and looks impressive in the suburban garage woodshop. Seriously, mine has served me well. I bought this saw nearly 10 years ago. I built a moble cart to mount it on providing an extended table area and storage below. However, as my skills and demands on it have increased (i.e. ripping and dadoing LOTS of hardwood trim)it is no longer up to the task and finally died. I got every penny's worth out of it though!

    Barely recommended for rough framing, April 6, 2006
    Bruce Lewis "Rush Lover" (Atlanta, GA)
    I have been a wood worker for almost 35 years. Using this saw has been, without a doubt, the worst table saw experience I have ever had. My son bought this saw to use for making an addition to their home after making an addition to the family (my grandson).

    Accuracy of cuts is _not_ easy with this saw. The miter gauge is so sloppy in the (non-standard in size _and_ spacing) miter slots that you're probably better off free-handing cuts.

    I made a crosscut sled for this saw because we could not get a square cross-cut. I brought my sled for my Delta Unisaw but, of course, it doesn't even come close to fitting.

    The table top on his saw was corroded when he got it. The retailer refused to exchange it since the saw worked and wasn't "broken". He bought this version of this saw (the TS200). We tried to buy the stand for it but found that the only way to get the stand in the Atlanta area is to buy one online (that took a week to get).

    The rip.

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