DELTA 36-444 10-Inch Contractors Saw

DELTA 36-444 10-Inch Contractors Saw

DELTA 36-444 10-Inch Contractors Saw

by Delta

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    1. Package: 59 x 37 x 26 inches
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    Great Moderately Priced Saw!, June 26, 2000
    James M. Hunter, Jr. (Birmingham, AL)
    This is the first table saw I've bought, and I have been greatly impressed with how easy it is to produce accurate cuts with it. It takes some time to put together and set up (a few hours for me) but it is well worth the time spent. Overall, setup was not very difficult, but a little extra time spent making sure the splitter and fence line up perfectly with the saw blade pays off. Once set up, the saw works beautifully; it is easy to set the rip fence to the desired width and get a perfect cut. My first project involved ripping 1" thick cypress, and the saw went through it with no problems. The stand is designed in such a way as to act as a dust chute, funnelling the saw dust toward the rear of the machine keeping it out of your way. The only drawback is the limitation of the rip fence to 30" to the right of the blade, but other fence systems are also available with the same saw. I definitely recommend purchasing a mobile base at the same time if you.

    Great Saw!!!!, September 8, 2000
    Brian Jones "[email protected]" (Pomona, Kansas United States)
    I have owned this saw for over 2 years and have been happy with it the entire time. I use it from everything to Kitchen Cabinet Building to Childrens toys. This saw is heavy for a contractor saw so I would recommend a mobile base if you intend to move it around. The fence shipped with this saw is dead on accurate. When I first got it I would double check the widths and each time it was right on accurate. I now no longer use a tape to measure with this saw. The fence is only 30" which can be limiting at times, however any of the better fences on the market are a simple bolt on process. The blade that ships with the saw is a weak point. I switched it out with a forrest WWII and I now get glass smooth and accurate cuts. One advantage with this saw, is that you can add on to it later. Start with the standard fence and if you need more just order a better fence later. The difference between this saw and the Saw with the better fence will not save you much more than.

    good intermediate saw, November 15, 2002
    curt (LA SALLE, MN, United States)
    first off, it is what it is... a 1-1/2 hp saw. not a 3hp cabinet saw. so no griping about power.but do hook it up 220v to get it up to 2hp, every little bit helps. it can handle pretty much anything... with an appropriate feed rate. my purchase was simple, i didnt have the [money] to drop on a unisaw, so i came back to reality and chose the contractors.
    the set up was simple with the good instructions that came with it. takes about 3 hours to get it up and going. i was impressed to see that the fence was already accurately aligned. plan on buying a blade with this saw. mine came with a steel blade. basically worthless unless you have a hobby sharpening blades. [Another brand] offers some decent bargains on blades so the first blade doesnt have to break the bank, just be efficient.
    my biggest recommendation for this saw is its ability to be upgraded. you can add cast iron extensions, upgrade the fence, even add a sliding table. pretty flexible with a fair initial.

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